Source inspection, first article inspection, quality system audits and vendor surveillance services

Let me introduce myself: I’m Keith Bell, a quality assurance professional of more than 25 years experience. Working as an independent contractor, I specialise in providing supplier quality assurance services (often called vendor surveillance) for companies in the space, aviation, defence or other high reliability industries. I undertake short or long-term assignments throughout the UK and Europe—you may check my current status below.

Supplier quality assurance in Europe

In brief, the supplier quality assurance services I offer are:

In addition to details of my services, I’ve set out on this site

If you think I can help you to fill a supplier quality assurance need, please contact me so that we might discuss it further.

Current status and availability

Status Green: That means my advance bookings are light, and I am readily available. If you have an assignment in mind for which I might be suitable, please contact me with your requirements. I am accepting new assignments or projects starting from July 30, 2024.

My status indicator is updated daily, and depending on my activity level and diary commitments, it shows green, amber or red.

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