My supplier quality system audits services

Quality system auditing is a means for a client to verify by a systematic examination of a supplier’s quality management system that the system

  • is demonstrably adequate to assure the quality of the supplier’s products or services;
  • is implemented and maintained effectively;
  • is being properly followed in the performance of all work.

A quality system audit may also be carried out in response to an observed defect or nonconformance in a supplier’s products or services. An audit may disclose the deficiencies or weaknesses in the quality system that allowed the observed nonconformance to go undetected or uncorrected by the supplier.

Audits are typically conducted against a recognised national or international standard for quality systems such as ISO9001, or a relevant industry standard, or a client’s own established requirements.

What I will do for you

I will carry out a quality system audit in accordance with any specific instructions you provide, but typically I will

  • conduct a brief opening meeting with relevant supplier personnel to lay out the plan for the audit;
  • review all of the supplier’s operation, or those parts of it on which you ask me to focus;
  • assess the degree to which the supplier’s planned arrangements for quality management meet the requirements you stipulate, or ISO9001 in the absence of any specific requirements;
  • document those departments of the company visited, the quality system requirements assessed, and evidence of compliance observed;
  • record any instances of nonconformance with specified requirements along with supporting evidence;
  • obtain acknowledgement from the supplier that my observations are valid, and agreement on suitable corrective actions and timescales for implementation;
  • hold a close-out meeting with the supplier to summarise the audit findings and formalise a corrective action plan, where necessary.

I will prepare a report for you using your own forms or report format if available; otherwise I will provide a report to you in my own style and covering the agreed quality system subjects.