My corrective action management services

My corrective action management services offer total management of the corrective action process, from the initial corrective action request or notification to a supplier, through to final closure.

Corrective action requests to suppliers typically arise when deficiencies, discrepancies or opportunities for improvement are detected

Suppliers should provide a timely and proper response to corrective action requests. The adequacy and thoroughness of the supplier’s response must be assessed, and it may be necessary to verify at the supplier’s premises that the prescribed corrective action has been implemented fully and that it is demonstrably effective. At that point, the corrective action process may be closed.

What I will do for you

I will assess and verify supplier corrective action in accordance with any specific instructions you provide, but typically I will

  • review the details of the deficiency, discrepancy or improvement opportunity and the circumstances in which it was detected;
  • examine the supplier’s root cause analysis and determine whether the supplier’s investigation was sufficiently thorough and if the conclusions drawn are reasonable and consistent with the findings;
  • where appropriate, review the containment action the supplier has taken to prevent further spread of the problem, and any “short term fix” that has been applied to product on-hand or work in progress;
  • assess whether the defined corrective action is comprehensive and of such a nature that when implemented, should prevent future recurrence of the problem (or avoid it ever happening, in the case of an improvement opportunity);
  • verify that the agreed corrective action has been implemented in a timely manner, and that all available evidence points to its effectiveness;
  • close out the corrective action request if definition, implementation and verification are satisfactory, or agree further action if not.

I will prepare a report for you using your own forms or report format if available; otherwise I will provide a report to you in my own style covering my findings and any recommendations.