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Main pages

  • Introduction

    A short introduction to me and what I do.

  • My services

    An outline of the supplier quality assurance services I provide, including:

    • Source inspection

      Inspection of purchased products and process records at the supplier’s premises to verify compliance with requirements before shipment to the customer.

    • MIP mandatory inspection

      MIPs are source inspections widely applied in the space industry to verify product compliance with requirements before shipment to the customer.

    • AS9102 first article inspection

      Inspection of a part from the first product run to verify that a supplier’s production methods are capable of producing conforming product. The AS9102 standard applied in the aerospace industry sets out FAI and documentation requirements.

    • Corrective action management

      Total management of the corrective action process, from notification of a nonconformance to verification and closure of the corrective action.

    • Supplier quality system audits

      Systematic examination of a supplier’s quality management system to determine that it is demonstrably adequate and satisfies stipulated requirements.

    • Supplier process audits

      Examination of a supplier’s specific manufacturing processes to verify that all necessary and appropriate controls are in place and are being operated as planned.

    • Supplier surveys

      Assessment of a supplier’s operations to determine that it has the resources, capability and capacity to meet a client’s contractual needs.

    • Test witnessing

      Overseeing of testing carried out by or on behalf of a supplier to ensure that it is properly performed in accordance with client stipulations and results are accurately reported.

  • My background

    An overview of my background, experience and career history, including:

    • 1978 Lemac

      My experience as a Materials Engineer with Lothian Electric Machines Ltd., a Scottish manufacturer of electric motors.

    • 1979–1984 Ferranti

      My experience as a Reliability Engineer with a division of Ferranti Defence Systems Ltd., a major UK space and defence systems contractor.

    • 1984–1987 Wang Labs

      My experience as a Senior Engineer with Wang Laboratories Scotland, the Scottish manufacturing division of a US computer hardware and software producer.

    • 1987–1989 Bepi Circuits

      My experience as Quality Manager with Bepi Circuits Ltd., one of the largest UK printed circuit board fabricators.

    • 1989–1991 GEC-Marconi

      My experience as Technical and Quality Manager with a division of GEC-Marconi Ltd., a major UK defence systems contractor.

    • 1991–2000 PRQ

      My experience as a Director of Product Reliability & Quality Ltd., an engineering and quality consultancy practice I founded.

    • 2000–present

      My experience working as an independent contractor in the field of supplier quality assurance (vendor surveillance).

  • Why hire me?

    The cost savings, convenience and other benefits of hiring me to undertake supplier quality assurance tasks for you.

  • Contact me

    My email and postal addresses, and an enquiry form you can fill in online.

Secondary pages

  • Site help and accessibility

    The measures I have taken to make this site accessible regardless of any disability you may have or the technology you use to access the internet.

  • Privacy policy

    How your privacy is protected while visiting this web site.

  • Legal info & credits

    Copyright information, disclaimers, and design credits for this web site.