My experience as an independent contractor

European supplier quality specialist: 2000–present

Since I began offering my services as an independent contractor, I have continued to take on occasional quality management consultancy projects. But the great majority of my work in the QA field has been in supplier quality assurance. My clients are predominantly but not exclusively North American, and are well-known names in the space and defence sectors. I provide local representation for these clients to their suppliers and subcontractors in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, furnishing vendor liaison, vendor surveillance, source inspection, quality systems auditing, process auditing, test witnessing and corrective action management services.

My particular strengths and the weight of my recent experience lie in satellite payload systems, antennae and power electronics, dealing with communications products operating in wavebands ranging from S through to Ka. However, I accept assignments in any high reliability or quality critical field where my knowledge and skills match a client’s needs.


Throughout all my years as an independent contractor, I have been contracted regularly by Verify, Inc. and its European subsidiary Verify Europe. Verify, Inc. is the world’s premier provider of supplier quality, supply chain management and technical support services for aerospace, high technology, and quality critical applications. As a Project Specialist, I have provided supplier quality assurance and support services to Verify clients in the UK and Europe. I am proud to have maintained such a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Verify, and it is a measure of Verify’s satisfaction and confidence in me that they have called on me time after time.

And also…

Entirely unrelated to the supplier quality assurance services I am promoting here, I am also a skilled web site developer with expert knowledge of web standards and accessibility techniques. I created my first web site in 1996, and since 2000 I have built many web sites for both commercial and public sector organisations. If interested, you can find out more on the Legal info & credits page.