My supplier quality assurance services

My objective is to provide reliable, credible and professional supplier quality assurance services to clients in the space, defence and other high reliability industries, and to do so in a timely and cost effective manner.

My background is predominantly in the electronics sector, though my competence is not limited to that field alone. I have extensive experience of performing vendor surveillance and other quality assurance activities on companies across the broader industrial landscape, including

  • plastics moulding;
  • chemical manufacture;
  • industrial laminate production;
  • metal fabrication, forging, casting and machining;
  • manufacture of electronic components (passive devices, discrete semiconductors, monolithic and hybrid microcircuits);
  • and of course, high-end electronic systems design and assembly.

Services overview

Source inspection

Inspection of purchased products and process records at the supplier’s premises to verify compliance with requirements before shipment to the client. My source inspection services: more details

MIP mandatory inspection

Source inspection carried out particularly on behalf of clients in the space industry (builders of satellites, launch vehicles and related equipment). My MIP services: more details

AS9102 first article inspection

Source inspection of an item from the first production run to verify that the supplier has implemented a process capable of making parts that meet the requirements, particularly for aerospace industry clients where the AS9102 standard applies. My AS9102 first article inspection services: more details

Corrective action management

Total management of the supplier corrective action process, from notification of a nonconformance to verification and closure of the corrective action. My corrective action management services: more details

Supplier quality system audits

Systematic examination of a supplier’s quality management system to determine that it is demonstrably adequate and satisfies stipulated requirements. My supplier quality system audit services: more details

Supplier process audits

Examination of a supplier’s specific manufacturing processes to verify that all necessary and appropriate controls are in place and are being operated as planned. My supplier process audit services: more details

Supplier surveys

Assessment of a supplier’s operations to determine whether it has the resources, capability and capacity to meet a client’s contractual needs. My supplier survey services: more details

Test witnessing

Overseeing of testing carried out by or on behalf of a supplier to ensure that it is performed properly in accordance with client stipulations and results are reported accurately. My test witnessing services: more details